Custom Thermoplastic Designs

We can precision cut almost any design or logo

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The first4markings design team can replicate almost any design into thermoplastic, whether that be a company logo or bespoke road marking. Once the design is added to our system we can then supply multiple copies in thermoplastic in any colour and at any size required. We can also cut inlays into almost any material!

If your project requires a custom road marking, lets say a large version of an e-charging symbol for use in a multi-bay charging station, just contact us using the form below. Include an example of the symbol with the size required and our design team will get back to you with a quote.

We aren’t just limited to cutting thermoplastic either… our high pressure water jet cutting system can precision cut almost any substrate from bathroom tiles to solid metal up to an area of 3m x 3m. So if you have an idea for a company logo inlay to be set into the floor of an office headquarters, get in touch using the form below.

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